Douglas LimbachDoug Limbach is a registered patent attorney in Silicon Valley representing early stage medical device companies, the entrepreneurs who found them and the investors who fund them. He has represented more than 50 such companies, including TheraSense (acquired by Abbott Laboratories), Archus Orthopedics (acquired by Facet Solutions), Facet Solutions (acquired by Globus Medical), Novare Surgical (acquired by a major robotic-assisted surgery company), Aragon Surgical (acquired by Aesculap), Tibion (acquired by AlterG) and Xlumena (acquired by Boston Scientific). Mr. Limbach has been working in patent law since 1991.

Mr. Limbach’s previous design engineering experience (mechanical, electrical and software) has allowed him to effectively guide clients in “designing around” the challenging patents of their competitors, and to write patent applications for his clients that are difficult for competitors to design around. Having started a company himself, he understands many of the business issues faced by his startup clients.

Whether your company’s current goals include raising your first or next round of funding, avoiding or challenging the patents of others, keeping competitors out of your markets, entering into agreements with strategic partners, or assisting in the acquisition of your company, Mr. Limbach has the relevant experience to lead your intellectual property efforts. Mr. Limbach has 6 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, and 22 years of experience in intellectual property law.


San Mateo, California
Phone: (650) 212-1700

Practice Area: Patent Law


  • Early-Stage Companies
  • Medical Devices
  • Robotics


LinkedIn Recommendations

Michael Allen

“I am the CEO of Xlumena, an early stage medical device company, and have started 2 prior companies. During this time, I have worked closely with a good number of patent attorneys. Doug stands above the rest and I feel fortunate to have him representing Xlumena. Doug is detail oriented and takes it upon himself to understand the construction, operation and use of our devices. He is exceptional at working with our engineers and translating information into a patent application that accurately represents the novel elements of our devices. Doug is easy to work with and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously. I would recommend him as a first choice to any medical device company.” March 8, 2012

Joe Basista

“During my tenure as vice-president of intellectual property at Archus Orthopedics, I had the opportunity to work closely with Doug in developing and expanding our patent portfolio. Doug is very easy to work with, and he excels at aligning a client’s intellectual property strategy with its business objectives. Doug’s extensive “real-world” engineering experience often grants him instant credibility with engineering and design personnel, and he is phenomenal in collecting and synthesizing concept and development work into well thought out and comprehensive patent applications. I would highly recommend Doug to any potential client.” March 12, 2012

Christopher Reggiardo

“I have enjoyed working with Doug on a variety of patents and intellectual property questions dating back to TheraSense. My style is to present a patent as an overview and a series of diagrams with explanations and, although Doug is a Mechanical Engineer and I work with electronics and embedded systems, he has always grasped the core concepts and distilled them down to a coherent patent application, irrespective of the complexity of the system. Doug is quick with a smile and quicker still to get to the work at hand. As an inventor, I recommend Doug for patents and other intellectual property issues.” March 19, 2012 W.

Thomas McClellan, MD FACS

“I’m CEO of Figure 8 Surgical a medical device start-up based in Menlo Park. Doug actually did the IP due diligence on Figure 8, for my lead VC, at the time of Series A financing. I was so impressed after talking with him that I decided to change our account to Shay Glen. Doug has directed the development of our IP platform, outlined strategy based on exit and financial goals, and managed numerous IP inquiries. The most impressive facet about Doug is that we’re a small start-up and he treats us like Apple. Always has time when I call and is a true professional. Highly recommended.” March 29, 2012

David Danitz

“Doug oversaw a patent portfolio for Novare Surgical that consisted of over 80 US and OUS patent applications. I highly recommend Doug’s work based on the excellent job that he did for Novare. Some of the applications were mechanically intense. Doug had no problem understanding the complex mechanisms and helped to broaden the scope. He was a pleasure to work with and was an asset to the Novare team.” June 1, 2012