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Doug Limbach Patent AttorneyOriginally started in 2010 by patent attorney Doug Limbach, Medtech Briefs are periodic updates sent by email to keep subscribers informed of developments affecting the medical device community. More recently, the Medtech Briefs website has been added as an additional resource for entrepreneurs who are bringing important medical technologies to patients. New content is frequently being added to this site. Please take a look around, and use the Contact link to let us know if you have questions, or suggestions for additional medical technology patent information you would like to see added.

About Shay Glenn LLP

The importance of intellectual property in contributing to a medtech startup’s success has become increasingly clear in recent years. Inventive companies therefore need an experienced and reliable partner to assist them in procuring solid protection for their innovations. The IP law firm Shay Glenn stands for experience and quality in the field of intellectual property protection – based on more than 100 years of combined experience and helping hundreds of early-stage medical device companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.


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